Welcome to the Conscious Plant Kitchen

I am Carine Claudepierre, the foodie, foodwriter, food photographer and videographer at The Conscious Plant Kitchen. The easy plant-based recipes you’ll find here are inspired by our family story. My husband chose to live a conscious life in 2016. He made the choice to eat plant-based food to be good for the planet and the animals.

As a foodie, a mum and a loving wife, he inspires me to create easy healthy plant-based recipes that all the family can enjoy. Here I share with you our favorite easy plant-based recipes mostly baking recipes as baking is my passion.

The Conscious Plant Kitchen supports everyone in their vegan living journey, providing easy healthy vegan baking recipes that burst in flavors.

We also believe that focusing on wholesome, unprocessed food is the key to enjoy a fulfilled vegan life without missing on essentials nutrients, vitamins and proteins.

That is why we focus on providing recipes made only with wholesome ingredients, 100 % refined sugar-free and mostly gluten-free.

The Conscious Plant Kitchen is inspired by our family lifestyle. A vegan gluten-free husband, picky eater kids who love vegan baking and myself, a low-carb foodie with a conscious mind.

Our mission is to support all plant-based lover lifestyles including:

  • Healthy Vegan lifestyle focusing on wholesome, unrefined ingredients
  • Vegan Gluten-Free lifestyle for those who don’t eat gluten
  • Vegan Low-Carb Keto lifestyle with minimal carbs and no sugar

We are here to help you enjoy a simple nourishing plant-based life that burst in flavor!

Your friend,


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